Government ministires and agencies are increasingly moving to the cloud and increasing efficieny through automation. Outages in their services can have disrupt public services significantly. TaskCall provides end-to-end solutions to help governments ensure the security of their systems and consistency of their services.

TaskCall Solution

Manage cyber security threats in real time and mobilize your IT professionals to mitigate external risks.

Move systems to the cloud and upgrade to digital operations with automated responses and artificial intelligence that enables development at a large scale.

Get automated impact evaluations and share updated on status dashboards to keep stakeholders updated in real time.

Store your critical incident data on a platfrom that assures compliance, data security and reliability of access to historical data.

Companies across the globe are bolstering their operations
with incident response. Don't fall behind.

Service reliability is the core of modern businesses. Elevate your own reliability with the right incident response solution.
Stay protected from unexpected downtimes. Stay ahead of the curve.

On-Call Management
for Modern Dev-Ops

One of the core pieces of maintaining a sophisticated operation is delegation of responsibilities. If one individual ends up doing bulk of the work then the whole process will be slowed down. Their individual efficiency will not hold up to the standard either.

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Incident Response:
A Digital Solution

Incident response is the process of addressing a technical issue that occurs in a company. It could be business application and database issues, untested deployment releases, maintenance issues, cyber-security attack, network outage or datacenter outage.

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Customer Call Support in the Age of Remote Working

The problem with old school customer call support is locality. You are tied down to a single phone number and the people present in the office. That is not sufficient. You want to be able to provide customer support at any time and from anywhere.

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